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Home delivery of many goods was much more common in urban centers of the developed world. Package delivery system is a system that offers special delivery of packages, documents or information in which package owners perform an action in the system concerning items to be delivered. It also pre-informs the user about how much it will cost them to send the package and also the arrival date of the package they want to send.

Parcel Deliveries Now a Cakewalk

Want to send parcels and be able to track the whereabouts of it? With the CubeDelivery App now you can send parcels and receive them as well from your loved ones with a few taps and also track its whereabouts.

Single Deliveries

Want to send your parcel to one single person from this app? With the app you can now make single deliveries in a few taps and track its whereabouts as well.

Multiple Deliveries

Want to send items to innumerable people? From this section you can send multiple deliveries and track its whereabouts and know its expected time of arrival as well.

What Makes the App Unique

Making parcel deliveries a cakewalk for you, here are some unique features of this app that will help you in this task.

Multiple Payment Modes

Choose the payment mode suiting you from the different ones available, that is cash, card or wallet and thereafter make the payment for the parcels you send.

Real Time Tracking

Track the whereabouts of your parcel using this feature. This will help you know where your parcel is at the moment and its expected time of arrival as well at the same time.

With so many unique features all at one place we are sure you want to know how this app works, here’s presenting the same below.

How to Operate CubeDeliveryX

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