How it works

  • Enter the App Login to the app with your details or Social Media Credentials and enter.
  • Provide the Parcel details Enter the details of Parcel that you want to send.
  • Provide location details and make payment Now enter your location details and make the payment choosing from the different payment modes the one suiting you.
  • Get order confirmed, track it and get notified on delivery As soon as you have placed the order, now get the order confirmed, have it tracked and thereupon get notified as soon as it gets delivered

Expected Time of Arrival of Delivery

This section will help you know the exact time of arrival of your delivery. Find out the exact time in which the delivery shall be made at your doorstep from this section and calculate it in an easy and precise manner.

How to Place Orders

So you want to place an order? It’s easy. You need to simply make the payment for your order and as soon as you perform this step your order will be placed.

Make a Call Now to Get Your Items Delivered

Now make a call to us directly and let us know when you want the order delivered to your doorstep and we shall take care of the same. Visit the website and place order the same way you do through the app and thereupon make a call to us, and leave the rest to us. We shall take care of the rest.


How to Track the Delivery

We know you want your item delivered fast so from this section you can track the delivery and know its whereabouts and get an idea of its exact location.
With so many exciting features we are sure you want this app so that you can enjoy quick and swift deliveries at all times.

Get the App Today

Download this app today from your Android Play Store or iOS App Store and start enjoying swift and quick deliveries from this unique app today!

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